“Mimyr” is a play on the mythological figure Mimir, or the “wise one.” Mimir was renowned in Norse mythology by many, even the god Odin, for always knowing and speaking the truth even in uncomfortable situations.  The Mimyr founders created the company in Mimir’s name to always remind themselves that integrity and wisdom are more valuable than money or ego.

OUR Story

MIMYR ('Mih-Mur')

In 2017, Mimyr was founded in southern California by a group of close friends that wanted a challenge and the complete control to develop creative solutions to today’s real-world problems.  Each having experience working with tech companies across a variety of industries, the founders gained an understanding of the issues that customers often have with overengineered solutions and decided to create something of their own. The company started as a casual “What if?” conversation that quickly evolved once the friends realized that they had the right combination of ambition, passion, and engineering prowess to turn this idea into something real. Mimyr was built to emphasize efficient engineering to meet the real needs of the customers AND employees and never sacrificing quality of product or life. Over the years the team has grown and continues to invest passion and perspiration to fully understand and provide creative, elegant answers to complex problems.

Mimyr's Foundation


Teamwork makes the dream work, literally. We only have reached where we are because everyone can offer something to the team and work together to tackle problems creatively and correctly. Mimyr employees can take pride in what they do because they make a difference and trust one another.


We lead by example to promote openness, kindness, and transparency and avoid unneeded stress. When we started, we left politics at the door and continue the same attitude of treating people with respect today.


Whether with customers or employees, we believe that honesty and integrity lead to long term success and growth for everyone. We work to make relationships enjoyable and beneficial to all those involved, not just the company.


Too many times we see “innovations” in the world that are only gimmicks to be novel rather than make the world a better place. To avoid this and promote true innovation, we keep employees engaged with interesting projects, allow them to learn and try different things, give them a strong technical foundation, and support them with a relaxed but inspired work culture.

Living Life

Overworking employees is counterproductive in our eyes, so our benefits, management, and planning are based heavily on maintaining a quality life outside of the office. We strive for an environment where everyone is healthy, happy, and relaxed since we believe this leads to the best ideas and growth.