Our Capabilities

In a world of overpromising and underdelivering, Mimyr’s mission is simple: things should just work. Rather than creating unnecessarily complicated and costly solutions that can lead to unsatisfied customers, Mimyr is a different type of engineering company that focuses on customer needs and employee satisfaction over maximizing profit, transparency over politics, and elegant ideas over complicated approaches. Whether successfully delivering products to a customer or just exploring new ideas with our internal research projects, we promise to deliver the best solution with pride and passion.

Satellite Ground Station


Mimyr systems allow users to get the most out of existing satellite constellations by providing high-assurance cybersecurity, increased probability of data delivery, and better airtime cost-performance than other available hardware.

Network Rack


As smart sensors and systems continue to evolve and share more and more information, Mimyr’s networking solutions allow them to reach their full potential by providing optimized connectivity across unstable and unsecure networks.

UAS System

Autonomous Systems

Ranging from military space platforms to low-cost 3D printed drones to industrial automation, Mimyr offers vision, compute, power, and network payloads as well as full systems for a variety of applications.

Computer Parts

Rapid Innovation

Mimyr moves quickly and has the experience and tools to simulate, prototype, and test creative solutions to solve customer problems without headache or hassle, whether in the defense or commercial world.