While Mimyr promotes new ideas in a variety of areas, our core technologies all stem from the idea of advancing today’s world-changing technologies such as networked and autonomous systems.

Satellite Communications


Existing VPN and HAIPE security methods restrict the available bandwidth for satellite links, wasting airtime funds.

Mimyr avoids this problem by providing our own Type 1 and FIPS 140-2 hardware encryptors that are fully functional with performance enhancing proxies and other modern network features. We allow links to be fully utilized while still being secured to military and commercial standards.


To ensure maximum bandwidth and reliability from satellite networks, we develop rugged software-defined systems that intelligently route data via the best available path. Even in adverse and changing conditions paths are calculated in real-time based on configurable factors such as airtime costs, latency, and data priority. These learning systems enhance performance over time without user intervention.