Machine Learning Engineer [1007]

Full Time
Torrance, CA
Posted 3 months ago

Job Description:

We’re searching for a Machine Learning engineer and developer that will act as the technical lead for development of artificial intelligence, automated learning models, and other subjects in that area.



As the technical lead, you will be mainly be responsible for the design and development of machine learning concepts that directly benefit current and future projects. You will need to assess and determine viability of machine learning applications in each effort, and if applicable, lead implementation of your design during that effort.



  • Design overall machine learning system
  • Design neural networks
  • Design training/retraining systems and obtain data sets for neural networks
  • Development/implementation of neural network
  • Development/implementation of training/retraining algorithms for the neural network
  • Development/implementation of neural network for inference


In addition:

  • Trade studies and research into new and current machine learning approaches
  • Research and development of new machine learning theories and algorithms
  • Adapt and evolve current machine learning libraries
  • Communicate and present ideas to customers and other team members
  • Write proposals (both entirely and partial) in support of future projects



  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or similar
  • Experience in development/implementation of machine learning systems
  • Familiarity with current machine learning frameworks (i.e. TensorFlow, CAFFE, PyTorch)
  • Industry experience in software development
  • Embedded software development is a plus
  • Ability to communicate and work with a team
  • Ability to effectively write research papers and proposals
  • Ability to communicate with customers on a technical and product level

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