ASIC/FPGA Hardware Engineer [1009]

Full Time
Torrance, CA
Posted 4 months ago

Job Description:

We’re searching for an ASIC/FPGA design engineer that can support internal and customer projects.



As an ASIC/FPGA design engineer, you will be responsible for initial analysis of customer requirements, and then oversee development/implementation of an overall design. You will need to set the initial definition, create the overall design, perform verification of that design, and produce the final documentation for the actual development of the ASIC/FPGA.



  • Analyze driving requirements from customers or from internal requests
  • Create initial architecture and refine design until complete
  • Perform verification and analysis of design
  • Create documentation to allow for development of the ASIC/FPGA
  • Perform follow up verification and test of the ASIC/FPGA
  • Interface with stakeholders and dependent systems
  • Analyze any issues or change requests that are requested or reported
  • Development/implement any required fix or update


In addition:

  • Trade studies and research into new and current technologies
  • Research and development of proof-of-concepts to demonstrate new technologies
  • Update and enhance current products
  • Communicate and present ideas to customers and other team members
  • Write proposals (both entirely and partial) in support of future projects



  • Minimum of Bachelor’s degree in Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, or similar
  • Experienced in development/implementation of ASIC/FPGA facing applications
  • Experienced in scripting languages such as Python
  • Experienced with HDL’s such as Verilog
  • Experienced in software development cycles and best practices, specifically in agile development methodologies
  • Experienced in hardware testing and debugging
  • Ability to communicate and work with a team
  • Ability to communicate with customers on a technical and product level

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